Delta 8 Lollipops 30mg pcs - 20ct Jar

Delta 8 Lollipops 30mg pcs - 20ct Jar


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Our Delta-8 Lollipops 20-pack is the perfect add-on gift for Delta-8 connoisseurs and curious buyers alike. Each tasty, sugary treat is packed with 30mg of Full Spectrum Hemp-derived Delta-8 THC, and comes in one of two flavors: refreshing mango, and succulent blueberry. Delta-8 offers many of the benefits associated with CBD when it comes to your natural wellbeing and maintaining homeostasis, without the psychoactive and intoxicating profile of Delta-9. Pick up a jar today, and enjoy the power of Delta-8 in a sweet and satisfying way with our Delta-8 Lollipops 20-pack!

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