Hip & Joint Soft Chews For Dogs (30ct) - 150mg

Hip & Joint Soft Chews For Dogs (30ct) - 150mg


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From springing up from their dog bed to greet you when you come home from work to chasing the tennis ball and enjoying your daily walks, your dog’s hips and joints do a lot of work every day. Mobility and activity are crucial to your dog’s happiness and well-being. You can support the function of these important body parts with our CBD Hip and Joint Chews for Dogs. Along with the soothing properties of CBD for dogs, these chews come in a chewy texture that’s easy on sensitive or aging teeth and a bacon flavor that will have your pooch begging for more.

Have an older dog who’s losing a bit of spring in its step? Or a rambunctious pooch who plays hard at the dog park? We’ve combined the powerful functions of CBD with the joint-supporting properties of glucosamine HCL and chondroitin sulfate into a pup-approved, bacon-flavored bite! You want your best friend to keep joining you on hikes, walks, and dog park adventures for years to come. By supporting your dog’s joints and mobility health right now, you set yourself up for even more fun adventures in the future!

The tempting bacon taste of these tender chews will please even the pickiest pooch and have them sitting up and betting for more! Once they’ve tried them, they’ll come running for more whenever you open this jar of hip and joint chews. The soft, chewy texture is perfect for dogs of any age, including our senior pooches with sensitive teeth. Your canine companion, young or old, can benefit from some mobility support and the calming, soothing properties of CBD.

Why it’s special


Dogs sometimes need mobility support, especially if they are older, a large breed, or just play too hard from time to time. Whatever the reason, these hip and joint chews deliver the mobility supporting power of chondroitin sulfate and glucosamine HCL. These dog-safe ingredients derived from natural animal sources will help your pet maintain his daily activity level and stay happy!


Omega-3 fatty acids have wellness benefits for both dogs and humans. These ingredients are included in our hip and joint CBD chews for dogs because they may help ease inflammation. Healthy, smooth joints will keep Fido and Fluffy bounding after the tennis ball with a bounce in their step!


If your dog could talk, he’d tell you that bacon-flavored chews are good any time of the day, all day! While you have to keep your pet’s CBD consumption limited to a daily amount, you can fit that amount into your pet’s healthy routine very easily. It doesn’t take much to twist open a jar and toss these bacon bites to your faithful friend. Have them sit, stay, or just hand over the goods and pat them on the head!


One of the greatest CBD benefits for dogs is that it can help your pooch tap into his natural state of chill. You know your dog is cool, but sometimes things make him restless or hyperactive. With a daily CBD regimen, he’ll be able to stay relaxed more easily.


These hip and joint CBD chews for dogs can easily be added to any daily wellness routine. No matter your schedule, it’s simple to give your dog a couple of chews each day. You can also easily combine these chews with other CBD dog products like peanut butter flavored CBD oil and chicken and bacon flavored CBD soft chews. Or, if your pooch likes a little crunch, they’ll love our award-winning peanut butter CBD hard chews!


Hemp Extract (98% naturally occurring phytocannabinoids: Cannabidiol, Cannabigerol, Cannabinol)

Specially formulated Superior Broad Spectrum CBD is the best way to deliver the powerful properties of the hemp plant to your pooch. Our certified THC-free* products won’t get your pet high or stoned. Our hemp extract means getting only the best compounds from the plant for a pure experience.

Glucosamine HCL

Glucosamine is a substance that is naturally occurring in your dog’s body, and it depletes as your dog gets older. Glucosamine supports cartilage development, which acts as a buffer on your dog’s joints. This ingredient derived from shellfish is included in our hip and joint CBD chews to support your pet’s mobility.

Chondroitin Sulfate

Chondroitin sulfate is a naturally occurring chemical found in the cartilage of both humans and dogs. It is thought to support joints and mobility in much the same way as glucosamine.

All Ingredients: Glucosamine HCL (from shellfish), Methylsulfonylmethane, Chondroitin Sulfate (porcine), Omega-3 Fatty Acids (from fish oil), Hemp Extract (Cannabidiol, Cannabigerol, Cannabinol), Manganese (from proteinate), Coconut, Glycerine, Flaxseed, MCT Oil, Mixed Tocopherols, Bacon Flavor, Oat Flour, Palm Fruit Oil, Powdered Cellulose (coating only), Rice Bran, Rice Flour, Rosemary Extract, Sorbic Acid (as preservative), and Sunflower Lecithin.

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Hip & Joint Soft Chews For DogsHip & Joint Soft Chews For Dogs (30ct) – 150mg

Availability: 1000 in stock