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Delta-8 Kief Doobie – 75mg – 1g – Indica

Delta-8 Kief Doobie – 75mg – 1g – Indica


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Delta-8 Kief Doobie – 75mg – 1g – Indica

Experience the powerful combination of top-tier hemp flower infused with over 50mg of delta-8 THC* isolates with our Delta 8 Kief Doobie. This product offers a therapeutic, cannabis-like effect, providing you with a delightful Indica strain experience.

Key Features:

  • Contains whole, top-tier hemp flower
  • Infused with over 50mg of delta-8 THC isolates
  • Provides a therapeutic, cannabis-like effect
  • Choose from three great hemp strains: Diesel (sativa), Cookies (hybrid), and Gouda (indica)
  • Comes in a convenient, reusable glass stash jar

Enhance your wellness routine with the delightful and potent effects of our Delta-8 Kief Doobie. Choose the Gouda (indica) strain for a relaxing and calming experience.

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